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Originally Posted by mrtshead View Post
A) This is already possible. You absolutely can defeat players using the 'best' gear with cheaper gear from missions etc. As you say, it takes superior skill to do so - and some of that skill includes understanding STO's gear system, and making sure the gear you are using synergizes well with the powers you've selected and the weapons you are running.

B) If a cruiser pilot knows what he is doing, he is invulnerable to an escort. Cruiser heals have the ability to blunt even the most powerful alpha strike, and once in a slugging match the escort's limited heals can't keep up with the sustained pressure damage from a cruiser. At best the escort will be forced to disengage and hope the cruiser chases him into a trap.

As for you last comment - Why should cruisers not ever be killable by escorts? Because you like cruisers? For all the kvetching that has gone on in this thread about how escort captains just want to have a 'super-ship', I keep seeing posts like this that seem to assert that cruisers should just be the best at everything.
A) One set of initials... P2W makes this possible.

B) Exactly.. "Knows what he is doing"

Cruisers are BIG and I do mean BIIIGGG targets. My DHCs should NEVER and I mean NEEEEVVVEERRR miss their target whereas in an escort, I am designed to "avoid" a cruiser fire.
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