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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
base stats of weapons are created by the Devs , not players. You can't argue if the stats show cannons do hundreads of more damage than beams. That show an imbalance, it only gets worse when you add player skill trees, ships base stats, and ship builds. The weapons need to be balanced before you can even begin to balance the ships or the game. Every ship can not arm the same type of weapons which creates an imbalance in itself.
Everyship is not meant to be able to mount every type of weapon.

Cannons (the plural) do not do more damage than beams.
Cannons (single) at mark 12 white do 159 DPV/212DPS with a 180 degree firing arc.
Beam Array (single) at mark 12 white do 220 DPV/176 DPS with a 250 degree firing arc.
Dual cannons at mark 12 white do 192DPV/256 DPS with a 45 degree firing arc.
Dual Beam Banks at mark 12 white do 287 DPV/229 DPS with a 90 degree firing arc.
Dual heavy Cannons at mark 12 white do 384 DPV/256 DPS with a 45 degree firing arc.

Only the Dual cannons do more DPV than any beam array or Dual beanm array. To handicap that DPV DHCs have half the firing arc of a Dual Beam Array and 205 degrees less of a firing arc of the single Beam Array. There is no differences in the hundreds between them. Infact the DHC does less than a hundred more than a DBB in DPV and only 27 points more in DPS.

In fact if you look at the stats of teh Beams versus Cannons then one thing should be readily apparent.
Cannons are meant for Burst style attacks, hence the low DPV but high DPS, and Beams are meant for sustained attacks, hence thier high DPV but low DPS.

What truelly gives the cannons thier bite is the Tactical BOff skills plus Player skills plus consoles.
What truelly gives beams thier bite is the Tactical BOff skills plus Player skills plus consoles.

There is no huge imbalance as the Cruiser, a multirole deep space vessel designed for extended service away from starbases and resource yards is not meant to be a master of any particular role but modifiable to cover a specific role if desired.
You can design a Cruiser to be a DPS boat but not as good as an Escort and only if you give up some inherent tankyness. (though said tanky can be compensated for with good BOff skill usage)
An Escort makes the pinnacle of DPS boat in STO but will not make a good, or even sloppy, healboat as its not adaptible to the role.
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