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Mapolis tell us, regarding the NW Foundry rewards system:
rewards are based off of the average completion time of the quest
He adds:

The average is calculated and constantly adjusted from the playtimes recorded from every player who goes through that quest, so simply going AFK wouldn?t necessarily increase your reward. It would take a coordinated effort from many separate accounts to artificially raise the average, and as soon as it starts to be exploited, the average will adjust accordingly and fix itself.
Round-up source

So my question is this: How will grinders affect the mission's rewards?

Ex: My "Return to Terra Nova" takes about an hour to play, when reading everything. But it takes about 10 minutes if I just hit F and run from place to place.

If 50% of my players are grinding it as fast as possible, and 50% are reading it, then the average playtime would be like 25 minutes, right?

The folks who take the time to really play get rewards that are diminished by the folks who don't take the time to play. Meanwhile the grinders who spent 10 minutes pressing F get rewarded with a 25 minute reward.

And, we don't have a percentage of idlers to offset the effect of the grinders. Isn't this a problem with the system?

The grinders get rewarded, and the careful players get punished.