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# 106 Galactic Plane?
06-16-2009, 01:19 PM
When I first started star trek as a kid i always wondered how two ships always ended up facing each other both oriented the right way. Then i kinda figured that there would be some kind of galactic central plane that the ship would try to automatically orient itself to. Are all solar systems on the same plane? I always remember that borg cube traveling to our solar system and passing by the planets along the solar system orbital plane, and I wonder is our system actually oriented like that or is it up on a 90 degree angle (or something like that) to where the borg is coming from. If it was, it could just warp right next to earth and we would all be really surprised. I wouldn't mind warping to an enemy ship, then come out of warp all of a sudden to find that i entered the system upside-down. The two ships would be oriented the opposite ways. That would pose an interesting start to the battle. Obviously being upside-down would expose either a weak or strong part of my ship or of the enemy. Are you taking into account this Galactic plane orientation?