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10-02-2012, 12:29 PM
Thanks bort, for your visible presence and your attention to this issue.

I especially like a balance pass on flow caps and power insulators.

I feel like right now you need to put siphons close to somebody and shoot them with the leach for gg, which is too strong. If you dial them back a little, maybe I just add polarons in and again, gg. So dial them back again, now I need Tyken's too. See where I'm going?

While the changes look really good, the Drones are part of the Energy Drain Circle of Life, so if it only takes one more drain stacked on top to get back to current levels we're going to be spinning our wheels. It's going to take more than one pass. We might end up facing the fact that some drains shouldn't stack with each other, or drains should have diminishing returns.