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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
you completely ignore fireing arcs...again. what should a cruiser with 6 or 7 turnrate do with dual cannons? can't you see where your assumption is so obviously wrong?
The same thing a Dreadnaght does. My dreadnought is more dangerous than my Galaxy-R with exact same turn rate.

Fire arcs don't matter if you put the straight shooting weapon on a small escort ship that can trun in place like a turret. Everybody in PVP knows you can't out manuver escorts because they can do this. Maybe you wouldn't have to arm cannons on cruisers if they made beams do nearly as much damage.

Consuptuption is irrelevant, since the Dual cannons can't fire while I'm broadsiding and my beams will have all the power they need. The rear has no real threat with all beams. Once an escort gets in close to your rear, point blank range, you are not going to shake him. You can turn left or right it would not stop him from being on your rear. If beams had a little more umf in them then players would not just sit in one spot take all 4 beams firing on him.