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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
The same thing a Dreadnaght does. My dreadnought is more dangerous than my Galaxy-R with exact same turn rate.

Fire arcs don't matter if you put the straight shooting weapon on a small escort ship that can trun in place like a turret. Everybody in PVP knows you can't out manuver escorts because they can do this. Maybe you wouldn't have to arm cannons on cruisers if they made beams do nearly as much damage.

Consuptuption is irrelevant, since the Dual cannons can't fire while I'm broadsiding and my beams will have all the power they need. The rear has no real threat with all beams. Once an escort gets in close to your rear, point blank range, you are not going to shake him. You can turn left or right it would not stop him from being on your rear. If beams had a little more umf in them then players would not just sit in one spot take all 4 beams firing on him.
WHat makes you think you are supposseed to be able to juke and weave to shake an escort?

Thats likes saying an F22 is being unfair to a 787 airliner in a dog fight and the 787 deserves a buff becuase of its just incapable of competing.

As to being toast if an escort gets on your six, then since you know this come up with a way to compensate for it like many other Crusier players have done.
Use EWP, TB, a Tric Mine, Jam sensors, Scramble Senosrs, AMS, etc etc.
BtW, I have out manuevered Escorts in a BortasQu before when they where on my six, just saying a full reverse is sometimes all you need to catch them offguard.

That Pivot in place Escort has at most a -5% Bonus Defense sitting still, at worst a -15% bonus defense and Beams already do more damage than all cannons except the DHCs and they only exceed by 97 points.

Beams only truelly differ in that they are not a Burst damage weapon unless used with Beam Overload OR A REALLY INVENTIVE USE OF dem AND A WEAPON BATT.

If that Escort is sitting still and you can't kill him or gaurd against the burst attack you know is incomming, you are doing something wrong.
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