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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Burst damage is ironically excactly where beams are strongest: Beam Overload powered by weapon battery -> Ouch.
Ouch indeed. Also a good Weapon batt to push Weapons power past 125 (temporarily) and DEM makes a good punch with beams. Something cannons can not do.

Who ever said Engineers are suppossed to be dishing out massive damage in combat?
(Though nadion inversion, EPS transfer and a good BO3 set-up can hurt from an Engineer. With the right DOffing they can get off more than one BO3 in an action)

Anyways my point is that the escort is designed to fly in close, unleash its buffed attack and hopefully follow through to kill its target while teh Cruiser is meant to be a sustained attack (broadside) wearing its enemy down while surviving the retaliation of its target.
Two completely different combat styles.
STO is very much an Adam One culture and completely inarticulate about Adam Two.