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10-02-2012, 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
[*]Updated the 29th Century Pistol:
  • The Damage Immunity will no longer sometimes last longer than the duration of the associated Stasis Field effect.
  • The effects of the 29th Century Stasis Pistol's secondary fire can now be reduced by having a high Willpower skill.
  • Targets affected by the Stasis Beam will no longer be affected by it while they are already under its affects.
That's good for PvP. Now, the flipside is that the PvE effect is nowhere useful enough to give up 3 mods and 10 DPS.

It's underpowered compared to other 50 Lobi weapons, as is the Rifle.

It's underpowered when you look at the opportunity cost of obtaining one. Which is 14-16 million EC.


I buy 12 lockbox keys. That should get me 50 Lobi on average. Now... I pay 1.5 mil EC per key. I make maybe around 4 million back on average. Net cost 14 million EC.

The same money will get me a sonic antiproton rifle Mk XII, purple quality, or a disruptor stun pistol Mk XII purple quality with millions of EC to spare. Those are Mk XII, have three mods and 10 higher base DPS.

The stun pistol and its rifle counterpart have no mods and do 10 less DPS. They don't work well together (stasis immunity eats rifle charges). They don't work well handed to BOffs who fire blindly. They're a massive downgrade from any other weapon I might stock.

I could see sacrificing 1 mod for the stasis (which works once per NPC). But the reality is, while I've held an enemy for 7 seconds, I've also done at least 70 less damage in the time since that enemy was stunned. Substantially less because the lack of mods.

In effect, while I froze one enemy out, there is one more enemy alive than there would be otherwise.

And it's worse if I got enough for a full away team.

And using the pistol on one character or away team member makes using the rifle (already lackluster range and DPS) WORSE because there's a better chance of of the stray pulse targets has immunity from damage.

These weapons needed a PvP nerf but they need a PvP buff badly.

For the SAME PRICE you have one weapon which offers no damage resists and another weapon that deals energy damage that Borg cannot adapt to.

It's a 29th century weapon that is less impressive and powerful than 23rd century weapons.

I can't understand how your space balance can be so concerned with "make it good for the money" and the ground balance manages to nerf the overpowered aspect of this (small group ground PvP) without addressing its underpowered aspects (everywhere else).