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10-02-2012, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by flekh View Post
While we're at it, let's compare ship loadouts with basic weapons:

Beam Array Mk XII: 220 DPV, 176 DPS
Cannon Mk XII: 159 DPV, 212 DPS
Dual Heavy Cannon Mk XII: 384 DPV, 256 DPS
Turret Mk XII: 99 DPV, 132 DPS

6x Beam Array + Sensor Scan: 1373 DPS
4x Cannon+4x Turret: 1376 DPS
8x Beam Array : 1408 DPS
4x DHC+3x Turret: 1420 DPS
Thanks for these however I feel it a little... convenient... that for your 6 beam test you weakened your enemies defence (I believe by 50%) "6x Beam Array + Sensor Scan: 1373 DPS"

Just sayin