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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Thanks for these however I feel it a little... convenient... that for your 6 beam test you weakened your enemies defence (I believe by 50%) "6x Beam Array + Sensor Scan: 1373 DPS"

Just sayin
Sensor Scan is an ability carried by all Science Ships. It's a stacking damage debuff that makes up for the Sci's lack of weapon slots.
And it's automatically applied to whatever they're shooting at, and only applies to them.
It's up to 30% btw, and at that 30% you get 75% x 130% = 97.5% the dps of 8 weapons, using only 6.
The line is a quip at the "Sci sucks" whiners, who are just as annoying as the "Cruisers suck" whiners, or the "Escort or go home" fanboys - all of them are equally bad, and equally lack understanding of this game.
Edit: Nevermind ... "Sensor Analysis" is what it should have been ...

This game's mechanics are actually quite good. What you could complain about is the quite heavy P2W, the lack of content, the lack of quality content, the lack of challenging content, the lack of reason to create fleets for more than social reasons or starbases, the state of the community, customer service, developer relations, .... ummm, need I go on?
All of these get ignored. Instead people who can't accept that they need to improve their gameplay come and whine about perceived injustices and "broken" combat.

... bah, now you triggered my rant-mode.

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