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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Thanks for these however I feel it a little... convenient... that for your 6 beam test you weakened your enemies defence (I believe by 50%) "6x Beam Array + Sensor Scan: 1373 DPS"

Just sayin
i think he means actually sensor analasys. And as i stated before (or in another thread) the difference between escort def and cruiser def is actually less than 20% at same speed setting (full) and same power level. (when i tested it, it was 16% more for the escort)

but that aside, in his test he only compared raw numbers without any buffs or energy levels, and also without any defense consideration.

Consuptuption is irrelevant, since the Dual cannons can't fire while I'm broadsiding and my beams will have all the power they need. The rear has no real threat with all beams. Once an escort gets in close to your rear, point blank range, you are not going to shake him. You can turn left or right it would not stop him from being on your rear. If beams had a little more umf in them then players would not just sit in one spot take all 4 beams firing on him.
that cruiser setup you described actually the reason i think you have no idea of how to setup a cruiser thats worth something.
DC mixed with broadsiding beams, srsly? thats the reason why you deal no damage.
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