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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
WHat makes you think you are supposseed to be able to juke and weave to shake an escort?

Thats likes saying an F22 is being unfair to a 787 airliner in a dog fight and the 787 deserves a buff becuase of its just incapable of competing.

As to being toast if an escort gets on your six, then since you know this come up with a way to compensate for it like many other Crusier players have done.
Use EWP, TB, a Tric Mine, Jam sensors, Scramble Senosrs, AMS, etc etc.
BtW, I have out manuevered Escorts in a BortasQu before when they where on my six, just saying a full reverse is sometimes all you need to catch them offguard.

That Pivot in place Escort has at most a -5% Bonus Defense sitting still, at worst a -15% bonus defense and Beams already do more damage than all cannons except the DHCs and they only exceed by 97 points.

Beams only truelly differ in that they are not a Burst damage weapon unless used with Beam Overload OR A REALLY INVENTIVE USE OF dem AND A WEAPON BATT.

If that Escort is sitting still and you can't kill him or gaurd against the burst attack you know is incomming, you are doing something wrong.
You are already stating the obvious. I didn't ask for a buff. I want the beams to be more powerful so I can keep people off my back. Your comparison of the 787 with the F22 is irrelevant because the 787 has has no weapons and is made out of just aluminum, where as military planes are composed of aluminum and kevlar composite armor to withstand flak blast. Comparing the World War II air fortresses to German fighters is more in line with the discussion. Bombers in those days were armed to the teeth with many machine gun turrets and it would take more than one fighter plane to take it down. While one fighter would distract the turret gunners the other fighter or fighters would come in blasting on the otherside.