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10-02-2012, 02:37 PM
I got a reply today about my stipend, and tho they claim it was awarded I can't really dispute it until I tally up the transaction logs from the the dilithium exchange and see if the numbers match. They gave me the exact date of the award as well as the date of the next award so it appears they do indeed have records to check.

They were prompt and courteous in their reply so I can't complain about their service- it was excellent.

I'll keep ya posted

<edit> After looking at my dilith exchange logs last night and comparing them tonight I notice they're different. I now pull up the log on one toon and ALL toon transactions appear, so the first 97 events are now GONE. It appears either they're search combined all the events into a single record or someone's covering their tracks. So now that I have an EXACT date from them as to when my next stipend will appear you better believe I'm taking screen shots the night before and that award day to see it the stipend gets awarded.
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