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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
While we're at it, let's compare ship loadouts with basic weapons:

Beam Array Mk XII: 220 DPV, 176 DPS
Cannon Mk XII: 159 DPV, 212 DPS
Dual Heavy Cannon Mk XII: 384 DPV, 256 DPS
Turret Mk XII: 99 DPV, 132 DPS

6x Beam Array + Sensor Analysis: 1373 DPS
4x Cannon+4x Turret: 1376 DPS
8x Beam Array : 1408 DPS
4x DHC+3x Turret: 1420 DPS

.... yeah, HUGE differences, right?
Truth is: before power levels and BOff powers come into play, weapon types are already near perfectly balanced with ship types.

This comparision is ridiculous, because it don't count in energy drain as well as skills as cannon rapid fire 3, which give cannons a huge damage boost, compared to burst only beam overload, which also drains alot of energy.

Starship Weapon Calculator gives some clue about, how DHCs realy outperform beam arrays.

Btw. a good escort pilot can easily outmanouver a 8 beam setup. If he cannot get advance against turnrate 5-8 cruiser, he should delete STO and start playing maybe minesweeper.

Thats a comment from one who started playing engineer cruiser and now plays tac escort ... for some reason my performance increased by about 500% ...

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