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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
You are already stating the obvious. I didn't ask for a buff. I want the beams to be more powerful so I can keep people off my back. Your comparison of the 787 with the F22 is irrelevant because the 787 has has no weapons and is made out of just aluminum, where as military planes are composed of aluminum and kevlar composite armor to withstand flak blast. Comparing the World War II air fortresses to German fighters is more in line with the discussion. Bombers in those days were armed to the teeth with many machine gun turrets and it would take more than one fighter plane to take it down. While one fighter would distract the turret gunners the other fighter or fighters would come in blasting on the otherside.
Beams are more powerful. The disadvantage of having escort on your six is that it halves your weapon loadout meaning less DPV on him plus dince your running he can chase.
What they need to allow is maybe DBBs in the aft on Cruisers and some Science vessels.
Remember this mean KDF too.

If you like we can virtually imagine a weaponized military version though I made the comparison to focus on the handling differrences.
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