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10-02-2012, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by beary666sto View Post
I'm sorry, but the reason Science got nerfed into the ground was not because of PvPers, it was because of PvE'ers Kirking in PvP and then whining when they got curbstomped by a couple of science ships working together.
No, i'm sorry, but you wrong, it has nothing to do with pve players going into pvp and getting stomped and then coming to the boards to complain.

Its about other pvp players getting stomped by something that was badly thought out in the first place....buffed and then nerfed and buffed again...etc etc etc

And you missed my point...its impossible to balance powers for pvp and pve..they are TWO different animals....its why most mmo's have separate servers for each type of game play...
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