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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
This comparision is ridiculous, because it don't count in energy drain as well as skills as cannon rapid fire 3, which give cannons a huge damage boost, compared to burst only beam overload, which also drains alot of energy.

Starship Weapon Calculator gives some clue about, how DHCs realy outperform beam arrays.

Btw. a good escort pilot can easily outmanouver a 8 beam setup. If he cannot get advance against turnrate 5-8 cruiser, he should delete STO and start playing maybe minesweeper.

Thats a comment from one who started playing engineer cruiser and now plays tac escort ... for some reason my performance increased by about 500% ...
First, let me congratulate on advancing from a very bad cruiser captain to a not-THAT-bad escort captain. of course you could just have learned to fly cruisers, but ...

Oh, and relying on a tool that's not been updated for more than two seasons? Starship Weapons Calculator was last updated in Oct/2011. Combat mechanics have changed quite a bit. If you even looked at that tool, you'd notice that most of the skills it uses to calculate damage don't even exist anymore.

As you already quoted, yes, that comparison ignores drain and BOffs. You really want to go there?
- Sure, CRF3 adds ~16.7% dps (50% with a 1/3 uptime) - but why aren't you comparing it to BA:FAW3 instead? That one's pretty close at 13.3% dps (40% at 1/3 uptime).
- Energy drain is actually favouring Cruisers: take a Tac Ody (+10 power) with Saucer Seperation (+10 power) and EPtW3 (+25 power) - and the +45 total make the +15 of an Escort look really, really harmless. Don't you think that +30 power won't compensate an extra -8 drain?
- yes, DHC are super-energy efficient, despite the -12 drain, as they only fire twice each cycle while all other weapons fire four times, making drain less of an issue - but cruisers still have that one going for them.
- what escorts really bring to the table that cruisers can't match is attack patterns, namely AP:O, and usually more tactical Console and BOff slots. That puts them slightly ahead, but not far, at least not if compared against the better P2W cruisers.

Oh, and ... while a good escort captain should indeed be able to outmaneuver any cruiser: no escort can outheal battery-fueled BO salvos, while any good cruiser can outheal an escort. If you can take down cruisers, you're not fighting good ones. Good ones do all the stuff baudl mentioned, and then some.