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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
No I want my powers to be effective even against a buffed target. Sounds fair, eh? I want my powers to do something, because his powers are doing something while mine are totally nullified without any other "annoying" consequence for my target but a dps buff (APO), a speed/turnrate buff (evasive), a dmg resistance buff (polarize), etc. He's buffed like mad and can ignore most of my debuffs. I call this a good deal but only for one side obviously, because his powers are doing something while mine have no effect.

I think you didn't get what I said, I was just saying that the problem with scis powers is that we face permanently immune targets. There are dozens of counters to science powers, I don't even want to make a list, it would be unending. So when you want to do *something* against one target you have to use a tremendous amount of abilities, tractor beam, SNB, subsystem targeting, a power drain if you're still using one, then a gravity well when his second wave of buffs are over, and of course one of those pay to win consoles if you want to hold if for more than one or two seconds before the third wave of buffs (here you have to use the tholian web or antimatter spread and so on).

That's why runabouts are almost necessary, they allow you to make something sci -immobilizing your target- during the very limited time it's not permabuffed. Yes it's annoying but it's almlost the only way to kill a good escort, ie taking it at 0 speed to remove all his defense bonus, especially with pay to win ships such as the bug.
I see your point, but IMO you're wrong, and allow me to say why I think you're wrong. As a sci you have the subnuc, you have the tractor beam (you use those already from what I remember). When apo ends, tractor beam. When escort uses pol hull, subnuc. You can also put some tbr, add a vm, a tr (vm is horrible for escort since most don't have engi teams). I think you expect to wipe out an escort in few seconds. That isn't the point of a sci ship.

I use a recluse on my engi, in pvp, I only use the pets when I'm either in Kerrat with 5 on me, either when I see other pet spam that I can't deal on my own with. You really don't need all that junk to win, again, pets are part of the game and I'm not saying or implying not to use them, but you really can do great without them, even if its a little more work.
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