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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Every tick, it recalculates at the moment the drain is applied. This is how the "shallow bell curve" I originally mentioned comes to pass. Low % of a high value at first, then mid-mid, then high-low. And the lower your current power level, the less it can drain.

And using an "Emergency Power to X" ability will both hurt and help if you're under attack by Siphon Drones. It will increase your power, but the Drones' next attack tick will calculate its drain % off of your current (temporarily increased) power level.
is there going to be at least a "hidden" hard cap that the siphion drones cant drain past? to prevent someone from chaning them on someone and just draining him dry?

maybe say, not more then 175 total power can ever be drained by power siphion drones?