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10-02-2012, 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Many of you might or might not know that there is a confirmed bug with the Temporal DOFF Missions that come with the new Temporal Lockbox:

And I just confirmed that CSR will NOT give a refund for these missions, which effectively costs players $1 per mission, with a promise that we supposed to get something from every box!

All the more evidense that these lockboxes are a scam! And Perfect World should be ashamed of themselves.

Hey dumbass, you did get something for your box that you spent either real money or ec got the ever valuable "Lobi Crystal(s)"...hey guess what, sucks to be you, you bought a box to get something and you did.

Welcome to Cryptic/PWE games, thanks for your money moron.

NOW, being completely serious...

Dude welcome to the same response to every other pay item glitch they've had. Defiant variant bridge pack...all the variants had different colored carpet in the screenshots, bought pack, set new bridges...tan carpet instead of black and blue...switched to other bridge in pack....tan carpet instead of red,,,rinse and repeat. Their response.....copy and pasted replies that had nothing to do with the issue and closing the ticket, then after myself and a number of other people creating tickets and threads about it, their response, stop responding to ALL tickets from me and other players. Back when the Ferengi boxes originally came out there was a german player that got the d'kora ship only to open the box and it be the shuttle. Had proof it was labeled as the actual D'kora and then that it opened as a shuttle.....nope denied refund.

They have made it very very clear that buying anything in this game is buying "as is with no refunds"

Sorry you got screwed out of your money, but have a "Cryptic/PWE screwed me over" membership card for you.