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Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
Some emphasis on the word some, of the make up reuses could be explained away, specially the ones where Drones used the same make up alien features as other species.

As for the Caatati in the KDF, no thanks. I'd rather see the Sona and their slave species. The KDF conquered the Sona and incorporated them into the Empire.
There's only one way Sona are coming to this game...

L O C K B O X...

I think the days of actual new missions coming out ran their course. All we are to expect now is new structures built, countless spawns from 10km to 20km of said structure, and lockboxes. I heard once (a new way of story telling will come) but I think what that means is someone writes a little blog about something that doesn't even sound Trek and then lock boxes pour out of it and people buy keys like its going to take them to the nexus.