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# 1 overcharged?
10-03-2012, 12:50 AM
ok friday 9/28 i got 50 bucks worth of zen.... and i got 50 of zen... today i was looking at my credit card. and it says not only friday i got charged 50 ( still pending) but today 10/3 i was charged for the 50 no zen... but i was charged. so in total i was charged 100 bucks for 50 of zen... and of course now there is no billing support number.... i sent in a ticket. ( that was on billing support page ) but no answer. so i got screwed any ideas.....

this is sad i have played this game since beta. if they screw me here. i will quit playing.... they owe me.... i am real mad... i want a dam phone number to call....dang it i'm pissed with the lack of support.

found this phone number but of course its bad. this is sad  1340532993

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