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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Sure, CRF3 adds ~16.7% dps (50% with a 1/3 uptime) - but why aren't you comparing it to BA:FAW3 instead? That one's pretty close at 13.3% dps (40% at 1/3 uptime).
B:FAW only is usefull in 1on1 situatations with no one else around. Otherweise you will only waste your damage on some random targets around you. And, with exception to some minority of cruisers, B:FAWIII is not avaiable for cruisers, since requiring a Lt. Com. Tac slot.

- Energy drain is actually favouring Cruisers: take a Tac Ody (+10 power) with Saucer Seperation (+10 power) and EPtW3 (+25 power) - and the +45 total make the +15 of an Escort look really, really harmless. Don't you think that +30 power won't compensate an extra -8 drain?
Who skills EPTWIII? It is just a waste of the Lt. Com. Eng. Slot, which can be filled with RSP, EWP or the most reasonable choise EPTSIII, which are all more powerfull compared to the small damage boost optained by EPTWIII.

Oh, and ... while a good escort captain should indeed be able to outmaneuver any cruiser: no escort can outheal battery-fueled BO salvos, while any good cruiser can outheal an escort.
Yeah, nice, zombie cruisers can outheal escorts ... However, an smart escort pilot can easily retreat from every battle with a cruiser he is going to loose, so, in the best case, a cruiser can survive an attacking escort, but not beat it.

Another thing is, that in PvE healing is not required - the damage in high end content can be handeled by any good equipped escort captain without the need of any specific healer. Trading healing against damage is even reduce your potential in PvE because of the timer based mission optionals.

In PvP scorts may not have the survivability of cruisers, but they are far away from being fragile. Even an Heghtha BoP with Borg-Set and KGH shield can handle multple attackers some time before he need to retreat - the trick is to maintain high defense rating, making alot of the shots aimed at you miss.

I don't suggest to buff the damage of cruisers, but reduce the survivability of escorts compared to cruisers so that cruisers as tanks and healers become more usefull.

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