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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
While we're at it, let's compare ship loadouts with basic weapons:

Beam Array Mk XII: 220 DPV, 176 DPS
Cannon Mk XII: 159 DPV, 212 DPS
Dual Heavy Cannon Mk XII: 384 DPV, 256 DPS
Turret Mk XII: 99 DPV, 132 DPS

6x Beam Array + Sensor Analysis: 1373 DPS
4x Cannon+4x Turret: 1376 DPS
8x Beam Array : 1408 DPS
4x DHC+3x Turret: 1420 DPS

.... yeah, HUGE differences, right?
Truth is: before power levels and BOff powers come into play, weapon types are already near perfectly balanced with ship types.

From a different thread.

Originally Posted by nicha0
As I read on in this thread there are a lot of terrible cruiser captains.

I combat log all my fleet alerts (its pretty consistent, STFs have too large distance gaps)
As a tac in an escort I used to average 6500 dps.

After one patch that dropped to 5500 dps, I thought I was messed up, obviously they devs changed something.

I bought fleet weapons and my numbers are back to 6500 dps, except against Tholians, they are wicked.

Now when I log fleet mates that I've coached to do damage an eng escort does 4500 dps in a non P2W ship.

A sci cruiser does 3500-4000 dps in excellsior

Normal pug cruisers 1500 dps

So is the problem cruisers or is it that people have no clue what they are doing? You'd be amazed how many tac escorts are running 800 dps.. seriously. The best pug cruiser I've ever seen is 2200 dps outside of our fleet.

Cruisers are more than fine, even 3500 dps as a sci cruiser is very capable, less than 1k difference between an escort.

And my response

So a 2,000 DPS gap is perfectly fine to you??
Using your peak at 6,500 dps in an Escort as a Tac Captain that is almost a 44.5% dps increase over the next closest number you posted....

Lets say his numbers jump to 5,000 in a P2W escort, that is still a 27.28% difference....

I notice that there are no Eng Cruiser numbers, so lets go with Science in the Excelsior numbers since those will be very close to what an Eng will be putting out as well.

So your 6,500 DPS compared to the Eng in an Excelsior Cruiser at 3,500 dps.
At this point the Engineer needs to cover a 3,000 DPS gap to reach your numbers.
That is an insane 85.72% DPS difference. You've almost doubled his numbers! And that's not even touching peak DPS figures.

Let us say that it is the 4,000 dps number and not the 3,500 one.
62.5% difference.

Totally fair...
Base line stats for the weapons are indeed quite close to each other.
Its not until you start using Captain/BOff abilities, various DOffs and an increased number of tactical consoles that you start to see the real difference.

FAW is great, when there is fewer than two targets.
More than two and its effectiveness drops dramatically. In PvP its not a very useful skill compared to CSV or CRF and in PvE it can also function as a hazard as many of the STF's punish for random firing... which is exactly what FAW is. BO is a one and done ability, yes it does hit hard, 12k crits on accident aren't uncommon. But it doesn't compare to the burst abilities nor have the drawbacks of something like CRF. And even then, its dps/damage output is pitiful compared to any other ability out there in the game.
lets say an average hit of 8k every cd. How much damage do you think you dish out with CRF each cycle?

Anyways, I think you could buff the Beam Array damage up to that of the DHC, increase its cycle, eliminate DBB and it would still be fine. Escorts would still be the primary DD by a comfortable margin.