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Originally Posted by xlocutusofborgx View Post
So I have my destroyer and Wells class. Now Iam hoping most know by now that if you get "on the same character" all three ships. The Wells/Destroyer/Aeon Shuttle, you will unlock all the skins for each and be able to use them on w/e ship you choose (of the three ships).

Now For the Topic at had, I really love the Destroyer with the Wells skin on it, is it possible for us or the dev team to fix it so that we can get the Wells Windows (white ones) on the destroyer so we dont have the orange ones on it... pls ty =D

If you need screen shots I can get some to explain more, but I think above clearly explains it all.
I have both too, I'm pretty sure you can change the windows on the Destroyer because I've been changing mine. It's not a skin change as such as a paint scheme/markings that change, the shape of the Destroyer is different to the Wells ship, you cannot for example have a ship that looks exactly like a Wells but is really a destroyer, not that I've discovered yet anyway.

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