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Hey all Sean here the designer of the Luna Class/Titan. I understand the pressures the devs here have on their plates with the ships. I just have never been happy with the way they represented the Luna in the game. I can handle the little details, but what really really ticks me off is the sensor pod and it's deflector that is installed on it.

The sensor pod does not have a deflector dish on never did never wanted.
As for other details they are minor, and I was going to get capt Logan all the detailed
images of the Luna for rework before he left. Since then I have tried contacting people at cryptic to get them the images but no one has.

As most of you know I also developed a Mirror Universe version of the Titan a while back, and when I saw what they were calling a Mirror Luna for the game I had really got ticked off. I designed a way better version that they could of used all they need to do is ask and I would of been more than happy to let them have it.

I have always been open to letting more of my design go into the game if they wanted.

Oh well off my soap box. Thanks for all of your support.

Here are some Links to my I.S.S. Titan and other Mirror Universe Creations Feel free to take a look.
Mirror Universe Art -
Commissions -
Titan Images -

And the Titan Shipyards -



Dear Sean,
your ship is the greatest one. I like your concepts and hope that more of them be exactly implemented into STO. Years ago I ogle also with another ship from you, the Interceptor Class Destroyer. This could be a nice further ship for STO.