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Originally Posted by flippy1138 View Post
Thanks for all the responses! I appreciate it!

A couple followup questions:

1) Does Cannon Scatter have any advantage versus a single target? Will it do more damage since all the "scatter" is focused at one enemy?

2) Armitage or Multi-Vector Advanced Escort when I hit Vice Admiral?

yes scatter volley does add dps even on single target, but less than rapid fire ofcourse. similar to torpedo spread and high yield.

and i would tend to armitage, but both are good...imho armitage has the edge though
the attack vector beta (it hink) is really the best...enhanced firepower + movement is really great on that ship. The problem those attack vectors have is the cooldown. If you die you feel gimped, since you can't switch into one right away.

i think in a MVAE you can make good use of the high power levels and take for instance a dmg sci ability like TBR or grav well1, at max power they are great CC and dmg boosts.
but so is a vent warp plasma 1 on the armitage etc..

it's really hard to tell...if you have a design preference, go for it.
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