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Originally Posted by veraticus View Post
Base line stats for the weapons are indeed quite close to each other.
Its not until you start using Captain/BOff abilities, various DOffs and an increased number of tactical consoles that you start to see the real difference.
Captain abilities is part of the choice you make when you decide to create a character. If you do not like not being the heavy hitter then do not choose Engineer over Tactical. I do not see why the Engineer class suddenly needs a damage boost to compete with a different class designed to be the damage dealing class.
Anyone can use the DOffs and the number of tactical consoles on a ship is a part of said ships design, so while yes once you add all these factors into the equation the damage numbers start to have real differences its not unexpected as the classes start to show thier proffessional bonuses, of which only the tactical has direct damage multipliers.

FAW is great, when there is fewer than two targets.
More than two and its effectiveness drops dramatically. In PvP its not a very useful skill compared to CSV or CRF and in PvE it can also function as a hazard as many of the STF's punish for random firing... which is exactly what FAW is.
BFAW is not a damage increasing skill though and never was intended to be in combat. BFAW is a pet killing skill designed back when the KDF had the only pets and the feds where tired of trying to counter them. Its not a damage dealing skill unless you are hoping to Proc a target or do damage indirectly via DEM or Sensor Analysis etc.

BO is a one and done ability, yes it does hit hard, 12k crits on accident aren't uncommon. But it doesn't compare to the burst abilities nor have the drawbacks of something like CRF. And even then, its dps/damage output is pitiful compared to any other ability out there in the game.
lets say an average hit of 8k every cd. How much damage do you think you dish out with CRF each cycle?
The differences in damage between BO and CRF is highly buffed by the Tactical captain skills of ApA, TacFleet, GDF and TI3 (for speed) over every other class in the game as befits the class choice. I expect a tactical captain to ride in a do high damage with his weapons of choice. When said abilites are buffed 40k BO3s can happen and 8k CRF3 can happen easily if timed right and even the difference between the two is only 8k, with BO3 coming out on top.

Comparing damage out put between abilities is fine but does not show any differences that are not to be expected in abilities that have different Tiers and can be buffed better by one class (whos function is damage output) over the other classes (whos function is not direct damage output). Its a moot point and is likened to comparing oneself to a professional shooter. You may wish to be more deadly and hit the bullseye as often as the Pro but without his skills you will not.

Buffing Cruisers is not an option becuase its a direct favortism to one class of vessels over the others and doing such should be avoided in my opinion.

Buffing beams may work but all the Beam buffing BOff abilities are one Tier lower than the highest cannon Ability and it would be easy to unbalance the game if not doen properly.
I would prefer a new class of beam Array be designed and implemented that falls into the area between a BA and DBB, say a heavy beam array with a 180 degree field of fire.
Or institute some new Beam and Cannon BOff abilities to fill in the gap, lower CRF down to T1 through T3, etc.

Overall the differences in direct damage out put between the Tac/Escort and all other vessels is functioning as intended consider tac is the damage class and Cruiser and Science are not.
The differences in damage out between the Character classes seems right as well since the Tactical can greatly buff damage in proportion to how much the Engineer can buff thier healing. Science so far is the only real loser as Cryptic has yet to balance them and make them useful at the same time.

This debate has become circular and is a debate as old as gaming itself, the debate of Why is my Cleric (Engineer/Cruiser) not as dangerous as your fighter(Tactical/Escort)?
The answer is the same as it ever was, He is not suppossed to be otherwise he would be a fighter.
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