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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
the assesment of bombers being "armed to the teeth" must be seen in another light. The guns of a bomber were not designed to destroy incoming enemy planes, but to force them off their attack vector. The cannons on those fighters had superior range by far...but it was difficult to aim in those plains, and even harder when fired upon and doing evasive actions.
Alse the incredible numbers of those bomber squads asured that not all could be taken down before reaching the target.

the fighter escorts of those bombers actually took care of enemy fighters. Once those fighters had to return due to fuel capacity, the bomber squads suffered heavy losses due to fighter attacks.
In general though it can be said that 1 fighter against 1 bomber was death sentense for the bomber.
the light armament of bombers were never intended to take down enemy fighter planes (although they did of course) rather to make it more difficult to shoot at them.
numbers actually indicate this, that most of the luftwaffe was shot down by other fighter aircrafts.

but to your problem of keeping enemies off your back:
use vent plasma, it's a great dmg ability and clears your tail mercyless and has the escort captain rotate in his seat for sure
Tractor beam repulsor is great if you use a more sci oriented cruiser
chroniton mines or torps in the rear work excellent
full stop and reverse
you also have 4 device slot for a reason...use the deuterium surplus, not for running away but to run circles around the escort for a change
there is also this very cheap console, subspace jump, a real burner, if you don't have it up to now, get it.

and now here is the number one burner, escort captain will hate me for this: If the advantage of the escort is it's turnrate...then take it from her. Thats the secret actually, immobilization!
do not try to smash firepower against firepower, search the weakness and exploit it.
Thanks for the tips :-)

Hopefully the OP uses his time now to learn to play instead of making useless posts.
(And hopefully Cryptic ups the damage on cruisers OR changes the STF )