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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post

In PvP scorts may not have the survivability of cruisers, but they are far away from being fragile. Even an Heghtha BoP with Borg-Set and KGH shield can handle multple attackers some time before he need to retreat - the trick is to maintain high defense rating, making alot of the shots aimed at you miss.

I don't suggest to buff the damage of cruisers, but reduce the survivability of escorts compared to cruisers so that cruisers as tanks and healers become more usefull.
Cruisers and even science vessels benefit from that same Equipment set-up and have better access to higher heals to boot, the only extra bonus an Escort has is an easy ability to run from combat over the Cruiser and a 10% higher Bonus Defense for moving at full speed.
Escorts are far from fragile, yes, but Cruiser are not made of tissue paper iether and have the same survial options as the escorts in this case, aside from the bonus 10% defense allowing them to tank multiple attackers without having to run away as often.

Nerfing the survival of Escorts on this reasoning doesn not make sense as you are gimping a class of vessel for learning how to use the abilities and options provided by the system itself thats open to all classes.
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