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10-03-2012, 10:21 AM
Gozer had stated that No Win Scenario was designed to beatable by specialized pre-made teams -- a great challenge, but not truly un-winnable. Even if it takes an experienced NWS team with a setup designed for the crowd-control and freighter-healing, they should still have better than a 0% success rate.

I'm not saying that they need to make it at the same level of an elite STF optional (beatable time and again with a very experienced group), but a little bit of slack would go a long way. My main complaint is with the bioneural warheads themselves able to take out players -- it's one thing for us to have to shoot them before they hit the freighter, it's another thing entirely to be shredded to pieces by them when there's over a dozen enemy ships in front of us at the same time.

I've gotten to Wave 10 several times (with a *lot* of practice and superb teammates) but until there's a tweak I think we'll continue to see 0 legitimate wins game-wide since it launched.

Also worth noting: KDF can't play against Orions, making it that much harder.
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