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The Rule 284 Fleet is a newly established Fleet. We are actively seeking LGBT and LGBT-Friendly players to help us build our Fleet from the ground up.

Rule 284's primary focus is the acquisition of in-game wealth, accolades, Special DOFFS, etc. Our leadership is very adept at creating wealth on the exchange and will be glad to help you achieve your financial goals as well. However, we do also actively participate in all other aspects of the game as well, of course.

Players of all skill levels from new to veterans are welcome. We plan to have social events, contests, special events, etc as we grow.

Our leadership team is very active and responsive to membership concerns and are very open to suggestions on how to improve the fleet. We have a US based and a UK based Fleet Admiral, so regardless of your time zone, leadership will generally be available to you. Our leadership is also contributing significant resources to the Fleet's projects in order to advance our Starbase's level as soon as possible.

Additionally, we do welcome your alternate toons to join us if your main toons are in other fleets, as ours currently are. Promotions are a very real possibility and will be based on participation and merit.

For more information or an invite, please contact @baronvonheller in-game.

The Rule 284 Fleet closely follows this simple set of rules:

Thank you!


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