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10-03-2012, 09:59 AM
I have noticed the dilithium mining increase and I like it. Dil is dil. Anyway before i would score between 775-1085 on the minigame and it would give me 100 dil normally and 140 on bonus hour. The increase gave me 125 dil normally and 200 dil on bonus hour. For clarification before I would get 500 dil normally and 700 during bonus hour. Now I get 625 normally and close to 1000 during bonus hour. But since the last patch it went back to the usually 100 dil instead of 125.

So you see that the dil does give you a bigger chunk of dil then before and is now more useful. I like that they upped it and will fix it. Sometimes I can do it twice if I haven't done the daily for a few days so 2000 dil from it...... Good Deal! Plus if you do it on the bonus hour you only have to get 7k dil afterward