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I don't use the Corsair, but I do use it's uglier, older brother, the Marauder Flight Deck Cruiser (aka "Pig Carrier), but the same rules apply. I will intentionally limit the Z-Store consoles. (with 1 exception)

HANGAR: Advanced Slavers - Pay the dilithium for them; worth every dime.

2 Pc Borg:
Borg Deflector
Borg Console

2 Pc KHG:

KHG Shield
KHG Engines

Weaps (Your Choice of flavor)


2 Beam Arrays
1 Torp Your choice, but one that can be modified


3 turrets
1 Torp, your choice (Hargh Peng is my fave)

Consoles (for STFs)

Engineering -

Neutronium, Monotanium and Electrceramic. This gives you 33% (roughly) to kinetic AND plasma damage resist on hull (get other consoles and swap as needed). Plasmonic Leech - this, IMHO, is a MUST HAVE if you fly this ship. You will need the extra juice for all of your systems.


Field Generator
Shield Emitter Amplifier
Borg Uni Console

Tac: Consoles that adhere to your weapon flavor of choice. Don't use any torp boost consoles as the 2-Pc KHG effectively gives you a free one.


Tac Lt: TT1, T:S2 (If you eschew Torps entirely, go with B:O)

The rest are up to you, really, but I would encourage you to have Eject Warp Plasma to help you in slow down Borg vessels, especially if you pug and people don't know the correct methods of playing them.

My current build is a smidge different from this, but I found this VERY effective in STFS.

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