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10-03-2012, 12:04 PM
The following changes have been made and will show up live in the next couple of weeks:

- Jem'Hadar with Subnucleonic Beam will now appear with far less frequency. Previously, all "Escort" type ships had this ability. Now, only a max of 1 per spawn group will have it, and even they have only a 50% chance of appearing in that spawn group.
- Breen Cruiser variants that possess Subnucleonic Beam will now only have a 50% chance of appearing within any spawn group.
- The Freighter that you defend in the mission will now be extremely resistant to Subsystem Energy Drains.

More individual abilities are still under review, and more changes may be forthcoming. But I figured I'd go ahead and let you know about a few of the changes we've already decided to make.
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