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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Honestly - and you might not like hearing this - it sounds like Orions are underpowered, not the other way around.

That being said, this is still good feedback on places where the other critter groups could potentially be tweaked. The big ones that stick out to me from personal experience are Energy Drain stacking, Aceton Assimilators and Isometric Charge.
As was pointed out, the design goal for this mission was that extremely experienced teams with a purpose-built setup and a healthy dollop of luck would be able to occasionally beat it. I feel that in the case of Orions, and only Orions, that design goal has been achieved. It is still an extremely challenging mission, and I think the fact that no team has yet beat wave 10 months after it's release should speak to that. You're dealing with the concerted efforts of the game's very best (both in skill and gear) players, the top .1%, and we haven't beaten it as-is. I think a slightly more reasonable goal would be for the top .5% or even 2% to be able to beat it.

Buffing Orions should be the last thing done, and certainly the lowest priority to consider until the other races are in a playable state.

Edit: (Ninja'd by Borticus) Those are some extremely positive changes, just keep in mind how many Breen Cruisers appear per spawn group, along with how many spawn groups there are in waves 9 / 10. If the theoretical max number of sub-nukes (I also believe NPC sub-nukes have a <2minute cd) is more than half a dozen, it's still going to be crippling.
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