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Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
I can tell you as an accolade hunter who had to put up with coming in first place in Crystalline Entity and Gekli/Undine fleet action, obtaining a million latinum from dabo (no dev has given a reason why we can't bet more than 300 EC), all the elite STF optionals (with obtaining both Mk XII ground sets), and thousands of Deep Space Encounter mobs and Genesis-engine cluster maps this is probably the most annoying accolade out there.
Yeah... the ridiculously slim chance of getting the necessary drops in the Elite STFs for those accolades pretty much made me concede victory to Gozer The Accolade Hater...

The NWS was just the final punch in the face...

I love challenges... I don't mind having to work with the guys from the Accolade channel either in doing this stuff... but having played 1000s of hours since start and running into all kinds of players, I can say those guys are the top in the game and if there's an honest way of beating the NWS... the guys in the Accolades channel would have done it by now.

I have yet to be in a PUG that has made it past level 5... which is probably by "design" but still... it'd be nice to see some kind of increase in difficulty rather than a brick wall.
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