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As a graphic designer, I've done 3D modeling, 10 seconds is an exaggeration obviously, but not by much. Pretty sure you can find that rug and fire/logs on KDF maps. But are we really making the argument that chairs and a table, and a bunch of logs is difficult and challenging to make? Really?
i know for certain you cant find that rug anywhere. the mugato was only introduced in season 6 and there have been no klingon missions since then and ive played the ones we have enough time to know. im almost certain you cant find the chairs or the fireplace anywhere but if you can find them let me know. im happy to be proven wrong about it.

no im not making that argument at all, as i clearly never said that it was difficult or challenging as i assume the artist is a very good one and knows what he is doing but you said 10 seconds. you admit its an exaggeration which it obviously was but even now you say 'not by much'. so how long using all you expert knowledge of graphics design would it take to make all of that stuff? an hour? 6 hours? a day? 2 days. what?

how long does it take to bug test, and hook up, to add any seating animations, to link to the project start window?

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