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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
i concede the fed chairs are a copy and paste job. thats fine.

you still have not told me how long it would take to create one kdf chair with its little details, one mugato rug, the bone skull, the table (however basic), the fire and logs and do his copy and pasting. i still want to know how much time we are adding to that initial 10 seconds.

and the implementation part is still important to whole the process, and i dont think that can be ignored. i respect the guy who sits down and codes it all in and does the boring bit as much as the artists who makes them.
I think you misunderstand me, implementation is irrelevant, I'm complaining about lack of detail and effort. And again... the chair was already there, it was just copy and pasted. I should make an effort to go about KDF maps and see if I can find these other things. Speaking of effort, according to the screenshot the whitebars of the transparent slab stick out beyond the transparent slab..

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