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10-03-2012, 12:58 PM
I understand the nature of active Duty Officers and Bridge Officers. You explain them very well.

My Idea about the crew meter goes the same way as the components we carry in our cargo bay ( minor, major and critical components for the ship) As well as ourself, the player, we get injured and carry minor, major and critical Healing equipment.

I Just want to explain here, that we may play dangeroulsy without these components, regardless of active Duty Officers or Bridge Officers skills.

The crew meter, mostly I want to pinpoint the casualities... should not replenish. Unless you carry, like the components, a certain amount of Crew replacements. Else, you may play dangerously, as if you were wounded or your ship damaged by a critical blow!
And if you do not atleast go to a starbase, or meet a troop transport ship to replenish... traveling just like those merchant ships... well you may run into more danger that will lead you to destruction and a restart over of the entire mission.