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10-03-2012, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by mewi View Post
As a graphic designer, I've done 3D modeling, 10 seconds is an exaggeration obviously, but not by much. Pretty sure you can find that rug and fire/logs on KDF maps. But are we really making the argument that chairs and a table, and a bunch of logs is difficult and challenging to make? Really?
Kinda sounds like you need to join the Cryptic dev team and show em how it's done...
Maybe we'd get some free and super awesome changes if you were there.
Ah, well, I guess to do what you really want you'd have to be in charge of PWE and/or CBS and/or Cryptic, so I guess we're stuck with the poor Developers doing what they are told to do for now, huh?
Ah well, carrying on as normal until then...
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