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10-03-2012, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
It's nice. We as a fleet will do it as we have the rest.

But it's soon going to reach a point where we want PRACTICAL extras. We're well into Tier III now and dilithium is beginning to dictate project times. The necessity of a bang for our buck needs to be addressed Cryptic. Give us things we can use.

Also please don't neglect the exterior of the starbase. Give us things actually happening and changing. For fleets that will have spent hundreds and hundreds of potential pounds/dollars on their bases thus far. I think it's time you used that to make proper decks like the Science, Engineering & Tactical floors that are custom made, not just copy-n-pasted rooms from already existing areas. It's plain to see the Engineering deck is actually Cap's Table, it's obvious the Tactical deck was used for a couple of missions involving the Klingons and the less said about the sci deck that is in fact a deck from your ships jumbled up, the better.

Fleets are putting a lot of time, organization and resources into these grind fests of yours. The LEAST you can do it make it worthwhile. Get Tumorboy to get off his arse and give us a starbase, not just an "Ops" deck.
Here's a signal boost. Spot on.