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*The War Room. Ryan and Daya are sat in front of the main screen, watching as the war is reshaped everyday.*

Ryan: What are they up to?

Daya: There's no pattern.

Ryan: Wait. Computer, highlight all enemy attacks over the past 3 months.

*The Screen updates as every enemy attack is highlighted on the screen by a red dot. There are at least 30 dots on the screen.*

Oh for the love of... Wait! Computer, remove all attacks prior to 2 months ago.

*The screen updates again, this time almost half the attacks are filtered off.*

Do you see what I see?

Daya: Their forces are divided into 2 Attack Fleets. One there *points to a small cluster of engagements near the old Romulan-Federation border* and another here *points to the Federation-Klingon border, where the heaviest fighting is.*

Ryan: More than that. Look, only 5 attacks in the Nopada Sector. Now, if I were trying to press through the enemy front, I'd be attacking with a lot more force than that. What if...?

Daya: What if...?

Ryan: What if they're not trying to get our attention? Look, their attacks near Nopada are scattered. Computer, zoom in on Nopada Sector. *The Computer zooms on the Nopada Sector* Do you see that?

Daya: They're surrounding Nopada?

Ryan: Right. They're trying to keep us away from the system.

Daya: Why? What's on Nopada?

Ryan: Nothing, that we know of. The Iconians shut down the Nopada Gate 6 Months ago.

Sinclaire did say before he left that they were looking for something.

Daya: But what?

Ryan: Who knows. Whatever it is, Siraga might have an idea. It must have been important to warrant a Gateway there. I'll ask him when I see him. In the meantime--

*Admiral Soval enters the room, silently. He looks around, almost robotically. He walks over to the main screen, looks at it, then just stands there, staring into nothing.*

Ryan: Soval? Soval?

*Soval's eyes are dilated, with a red tint in his iris.*


*Soval blinks, his eyes returning to normal.*

Soval: Yes, Captain?

Ryan: You okay?

Soval: Yes, of course.

Ryan: You were just standing there like a statue.

Soval: So I was. Excuse me. *Soval walks out of the room, a lot more life in his stride this time.*

Daya: What was that about?

Ryan: I don't know. *A blue tint enters Ryan's iris.* I really don't know. Siraga, I need to talk to you.

Siraga *Telepathic contact with Ryan's mind*: I am there.

*Siraga appears in a burst of light before them.*

Siraga: Your strength with the Veil is growing.

Ryan: Nopada. What's there?

Siraga: Does it matter?

*Ryan nods to the board. Siraga turns his head to glance at it, before returning his gaze to the couple in front of him.*

Oh. It's an archive. Thousands of ancient Iconian and Shedai artifacts were stored there after the last Great War.

Ryan: I doubt the Shadows are looking to withdraw a book, Siraga.

Siraga: Among the artifacts were certain... devices. Super-Weapons only to be used if we lost the war, and even then, only as a near no-option option. But, they were dismantled and melted down when they were placed in the Vaults.

Ryan: What else?

Siraga: A blade. I based one of Arthur Pendragon's off of it.

S'tak'ra. It wields Extra-Dimensional energy, which we always called the "Tar'ma'tra" or, in your language, the "Twilight Force". The sword I crafted for Arthur was called Sar'tak'ra, which roughly translates to "Ex'cali'bur". It was often called "Excalibur" by Arthur. The blade was forged in the Veil. It's sealed away where no man can reach it, except me.

Ryan: What about S'tak'ra?

Siraga: The rough translation is "Sword of Lights". It was named in an ancient Iconian Dialect and it's suggested that it was named the "Sword of Stars" in reality. It's power is believed to be near infinite, and he who wields it is supposedly granted the ability to change worlds.

Ryan: In effect, he who wields the sword...

Siraga: Wields absolute power.

That was only legend, but the sword was still sealed away.

Ryan: Is that the most powerful artifact there?

Siraga: Yes, but the sword is in two parts, both disguised so they can't be recognised. The hilt and the blade, which is the source of it's power.

Ryan: That's what they're after.

Siraga: Apparently. Which means we must reach it first.

Ryan: If we can't, we need a fall-back strategy.

Siraga: We have one.

Ryan: Legend said that when Arthur died, the sword was returned to the Lady of the Lake where it would remain until it was needed.

Siraga: After the last war the Shadows were exiled, but this isn't the first time they've escaped since. Millennia ago, when I was watching over your world, they made a play to grasp a foothold on your planet. They were still weak from their defeat and could only act by taking over host bodies. This was the age of magic on your world.

I was the last Guardian who could oppose them. I masked myself as one of you and prepared the one human on Earth who could unite you - lead you - against the Shadows. Against Mordred.

Daya: I thought those were just legend.

Ryan: Most legend is based in fact at some point.

Siraga: I crafted Excalibur as the last way for Arthur to combat the Shadows. The sword was indestructible to weapons of the time, and could only be wielded to it's fullest by King Arthur.

Ryan: So, that's our plan?

Siraga: That's Plan B. Plan A is...

Daya: Reaching the Archive before the Shadows do.

Ryan: Allington to Admiral Allen and General Sinclaire, I need to speak with you immediately! Code Black!

*OOC: Well, I hadn't really fully fleshed out the idea of Siraga being Merlin, and this war seemed like a good way to bring it in.

Also, I really want to do something fun like a race to find some kind of artifact.

Just wait 'til you see what else I have planned.

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