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# 1 Foundry Costume Editor Revamp
10-03-2012, 02:51 PM
Due to the trouble that authors have to go through if they wish to reuse a custom character or if they wish to use one of their playable characters or bridge officers, the Foundry's costume editor could really stand to use some changes. It also doesn't help that it's set up differently from the normal costume editor with no numbers on the sliders for ground characters.

What I propose is this: replace the Foundry's costume editor with the one from the rest of the game, so that authors can have an easier time with making, as well as reusing costumes. I'm not asking for this "now now now or I quit", as I know this kind of change would take time, but I do want to make sure that players at least have the ability to save and load costumes in the Foundry's costume editor.

If the Foundry used the same costume editor as in the rest of the game, there would no longer be any guesswork when making ground character costumes from scratch or based on existing characters belonging to the author. They could even share costumes with other authors the same way that players can share costumes with each other for normally.

Additionally, it should also help the limited costume assets problem, as all of a player's costume unlocks for both space and ground would be available if the Foundry used the standard costume editor used in the game.