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*Allen walks in with the rest of the Federation personnel. Along with Klingon, Romulan, Reman, and Cardassians. *

I see you found the target of the campaign Ryan. Join the rest as I will explain the mission plan.

*As everyone walks into their seats, some stand off into the corner. They are all tired, haggerd, and some battered.*

Good Morning. I see everyone is as close to sober so I will be perfectly blunt. The war has been purely a wait and see and counter. Which is why we have not lost too much ground. The other day. Dorman's wing with the assistance of Deep space 61 destroyed a key enemy shipyard within the Klingon border and limited their ability to maintain their vessels of key components. General Sinclaire and the Klingon ground forces held and drove off a enemy invasion force from a key neighbor of the Nopada system.

Now to the mission that has had everyone curious.

Our mission is to hold not only the Nopada system but destroy a key enemy stronghold not far from the planet. With its fall our forces will be able to secure the Klingon front and force the enemy back into Romulan space.

The attack plan is to use the Rail gun to break a hole in their formation and strafe them. When the hole is there our forces composed of the 1st fleet, the Klingon remnant's 3rd fleet, and the Romulan mixed unit. Will then surround the enemy pinning them within the planet's area. While the bulk of our forces will head to their starbase and Capture it. The Nopada assault force will be the main attack force's distraction as will fire from the railgun.

Now there is a possibility of a Shadow being present on the station, our general orders are that we should neutralize the shadow at all costs. Capturing it will be next to impossible as we all know they are especially manipulative. But leave the being to Siraga, Myself, or Sinclaire.

Any questions? Thoughts?
Siraga: I regret I will be unable to participate in the Station assault.

Ryan: Allen, the Shadows are trying to find an Iconian Archive on Nopada. That's what Sinclaire's sources were talking about. There's something in that Archive which could turn the war in the enemy's favour.

Let me, Siraga and Daya go to Nopada, ahead of the main fleet. We can get past their patrols and get into the archive. Don't worry, we'll be careful.
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