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Siraga: I regret I will be unable to participate in the Station assault.

Ryan: Allen, the Shadows are trying to find an Iconian Archive on Nopada. That's what Sinclaire's sources were talking about. There's something in that Archive which could turn the war in the enemy's favour.

Let me, Siraga and Daya go to Nopada, ahead of the main fleet. We can get past their patrols and get into the archive. Don't worry, we'll be careful.
I am well aware of that information Ryan, why do you think I formulated that plan. I was hoping you would say that Ryan. You may but when the fight starts you will need to rely on the Klingon ground teams. When the ships do break through we will drop the special forces down to the surface on your location.

If all else fails we will destroy the planet and the archives lets just hope that doesn't happen.
*Mental message to Sinclaire: Keep an eye on Soval, because something is off.*