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10-03-2012, 04:33 PM
This wasn't a problem before Season 6. Before Season 6 I could open the full doff roster with no FPS drop, Now It's taking my rather high-end system down to 10 FPS. It's atrociously mis-managed programming code to go from "works perfectly" to "doesn't work, period" all in exchange for a few minor graphics changes.

Also, if it were just scripts kicking in, the scripts would finish and the FPS would resume. This is NOT the case. The FPS stays in the toilet until you close this screen. FURTHER, if you filter the doffs by checking "common" or "rare" or whatever the FPS instantly gets much better. It isn't a script issue on loading the menu/list/whatever. It's a massive FPS drain trying to render each item on the list. It shouldn't be. It's a freaking standard background with text on it.

Massively bad decisions on Cryptic's part to implement the code changes on the doff UI.

P.S. It also kicks in when searching user content for the daily foundry missions.