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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
I have both too, I'm pretty sure you can change the windows on the Destroyer because I've been changing mine. It's not a skin change as such as a paint scheme/markings that change, the shape of the Destroyer is different to the Wells ship, you cannot for example have a ship that looks exactly like a Wells but is really a destroyer, not that I've discovered yet anyway.
Hmm really. When I change myn it changes the skin "body texture". I did look in the windows section and all I get are the red windows from the mirror universe set, and the blue ones from the wells class.I also get the window frames "white/black". But It doesnt change the tiny windows all over the body. Myn keep having orange on them, when id love to have the white tiny windows that the wells has all over its body for my destroyer. Maybe its a bug on my end *shrug*. Ill have to relook again tonight.
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