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10-03-2012, 05:25 PM
Good idea. "A change is almost as good as a holiday"

I love my non-combat missions that I've made particularly the character of Bob that is first seen in Starfleet Experimentation and followed up in Hidden Intelligence. I've had positive reactions based on "A good change of pace" and "Bob ROCKS!" type.

As to mixing some light combat in or adding options to avoid combat. I think both are valid choices for any Author to make. I made in my non-combat missions a purposeful choice to have absolutely no combat, that was one of my goals that I had for all of them.

In others however I gave options to increase or decrease fighting. Gave alternate ways to give people more or less fighting depending on their choices. Which ever way you decide stick true to the story. Does combat make sense? Does lack of combat make sense? Does being able to sneak around make sense?

All these questions are dependent on you as the author and the story you want to tell.

Is non-combat good all the time? no
Is non-combat always a bad thing to do? no
Is combat good all the time? no
Is combat never good? no

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